The beginning of the didactic and scientific activity in the computer science field in the University of Podlasie took place in 1976 when was established the Laboratory of Computer Science in the Mathematics Division in contemporary High School of Auricular and Pedagogy (WSRP) in Siedlce. Laboratory had a minicomputer MERA 305, which was in use of didactic and scientific staff of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Divisions.

In January 1979 the University Senate established Academic Center of Computer Science as the interdepartmental unit. The Center employed 8 people. Full organizational and functional development took place in February 1981 after installation the EMC ODRA 1304 computer.

In Jun 1983 by the decision of Senate of WSRP was established the Center of Scientific and Didactic Service (CSaDS).

In 1992 year Academic Center of Computer Science transforms in Computer Science Division and in 1993 year started the professional studies on computer sciences specialization.

In November 1995 year the Rector of WSRP established, in the place of the Center of Scientific and Didactic Service, the Chair of Computer Science containing of:

  • Division of Programming Methods and Techniques
  • Division of Operational Systems
  • Division of Computer Science Applications

First head of the Chair was dr hab. Andrzej Szałas professor of Warsaw University and WSRP. In the Chair employed 7 professors, 5 Ph. D. and 2 assistants, which gives the possibility for continuation started in 1993 year the extramural professional studies and began education on Postgraduate Studies in Computer Science and its applications

In October 1998 year the Rector of WSRP in the place of Chair of Informatics and Center of Scientific and Didactic Service established the Institute of Computer Science. Its director becomes prof. dr hab. inż. Andrzej BARCZAK. Institute of Computer Science was included in Faculty of Chemistry and Mathematics. Extending the educational offer Institute of Computer Science activated since October 1999 the professional intramural offering the new educational program with four specializations:

  • Systems and Computer Networks
  • Programming and Data Bases
  • Informatics Systems of Management
  • Computer Science teacher

The fulfilling the personnel and curricular requirements and preparing the laboratorial base necessary to pilot the professional studies in the computer sciences gave the possibility to work out the conception to start those studies since the October 2001. In November 2000 Minister of National Education approved this idea and Institute of Computer Sciences of University of Podlasie get the authorization to realize the two step professional studies - intramural and extramural on specializations:

  • Computer Science teacher
  • Designing of Informatics Systems and Computers Networks

Senate of the University of Podlasie in the academic year 2004/2005 approves the new specializations in computer sciences both at the professional and master supplementary studies. The studies will be held in specializations:

Professional studies:

  • Systems and database programming,
  • Computer systems and networks,
  • Informatics system of management,
  • Security of the computer systems.

Master supplementary studies:

  • Designing of the informatics systems and computer
  • Engineering of the computers security systems.

In October 2007, after taking into consideration necessary changes arising from accepted in this year teaching standards and approval of Senate of the University of Podlasie, Institute run the  I degree studies – engineering studies and II degree studies- master’s studies in specialties:

I degree studies (professional studies):

  • Systems and database programming
  • Systems and computer networks
  • Informatics’ management systems
  • Computer systems’ security

II degree studies (master’s studies):

  • Informatics’ systems designing and operation
  • Computer networks and distributed systems
  • Engineering of the computers security systems