Graduates of Computer Science faculty in Academy of Podlasie in situation when the base of the management of the production and service's systems and managements in administration are the informatics and telecommunication networks will be especially prepared for:

  • Designing and adaptation of the software for concrete tasks and meeting the needs in different regions of social functionality
  • Designing and administration of local and wide computer systems
  • Designing, implementation and exploitation of the wide range integrated informatics systems

It gives them a possibility to undertake interesting work in different types of companies. Make possible to get a promotion and satisfying financial situation.

This kind of preparation is guaranted by keept with educational standards two steps master studies:

  • At first stage, after six terms student gets the professional studies completed with the diploma after which they can finish the education and gets the job. After fulfilling some requirements they can also continue the education at supplementary Master studies;
  • At second stage, lasting four terms after taking all required exams and defense of the master thesis they obtain the master diploma at computer science.

Graduates of the professional studies are prepared practically and theoretically for taking problems in specializations:

  • Multiaspect and multidirectional analysis of different informatics systems
  • Algorythmization of different problems and designing of complex application
  • Effective use and administration of computers systems and networks at different hardware and software platforms
  • Taking full advantage of complex computer-aided application.

Graduates of the master studies are prepared practically and theoretically for taking problems in two specializations:

  • Designing of the informatics systems and computer networks,
  • Computer science teaching.