Azure DevTools for Teaching

Azure DevTools for Teaching (formerly MSDN Academic Alliance) is a Microsoft program targeted at students and academics. Thanks to it, students and employees of the Institute of Computer Science of the UPH (and the entire Faculty of Sciences and Natural Sciences) can use the company's software for free. The most popular are the operating systems from the Windows family and Visual Studio Enterprise. All available products can be checked at this link.

JetBrains software

Free individual licenses for students and lecturers. JetBrains has an IDE for most programming languages: Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective-C or .NET. Students and faculty members have access to all products, including IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, ReSharper Ultimate and all other JetBrain IDEs.

To access this software, please register on the JetBrains website by providing a student email.

AUTODESK software

Autodesk strives to support the academic and professional development of students, and therefore provides free access to 3D design tools and resources. The AUTOCAD program is used during classes. The full list of available programs can be checked at this link.

To access this software, please register on Detailed instructions are provided on the site under the local link "How to set up an account - video"

GitHub Student Developer Pack

GitHub provides many interesting paid services for free in its Student Developer Pack program, and this list is constantly growing. Throughout your life as a student, GitHub lets you create private repositories.

To access this software, please register on GitHub with your student email.

Other solutions

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